Episode 4: Ballbusters

Also available on Spotify and iTunes.

Content warning: Castration, ballbusting, transphobia, masochistic masculinity.

This Halloween we’re dealing with a topic certain of our listeners will find truly scary…

Timecodes (visible on Spotify and iTunes):

  • Recs: 1.39
  • Furious Political Thought: 4.15
  • Experiences of ballbusting: 10.30
  • Best pop-culture crotch shots: 16.25
  • Reviews and Retrospectives – A Tale of Two Millers: 22.44
  • Skit 1 – Finish Them: 40.35
  • Skit 2 – PSA: 43.56
  • Ave Maria – Moreschi, The Last Castrato: 47.03


Best pop-culture crotch shots:

Reviews and Retrospectives:

  • Daredevil #158-191 – Frank Miller
  • Sin City: That Yellow Bastard – Frank Miller
  • 300 – Frank Miller
  • Holy Terror – Frank Miller
  • Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #1-5 – Leah Williams (mistakenly identified as ‘Leah Miller’).

Video sampled:

  • See ‘pop-culture crotch shots’ above.
  • Alien Resurrection, Fox Entertainment
  • One Day a Lemming Will Fly – Cracker episode (“cut that bastard’s balls off”), Granada Television/ITV
  • Sport Science: Massive Kick in the Balls (Wolff’s Law)

Music sampled:

  • Various (incl Ave Maria) – Moreschi, The Last Castrato
  • Kicked in the Balls of My Heart – Boogie and Chubs
  • Various – therealtheremin
  • Various – Ken MacLeod
  • Where’s My Jetpack – Radio Free Babylon

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